About VHS

The Vista High School Mission is to nurture creators, inventors, and innovators – students prepared to learn and grow and take ethical action to solve real-world problems – through exploration, analysis, debate, imagination, and calculated risk-taking.

Vista High SchoolFounded in 1936, Vista High School has a long tradition as a comprehensive high school serving the needs of the small suburban/rural Vista community. As the community has grown,major changes have resulted and we are now one of five high schools in the district. While our teachers have always been dedicated to doing their best for our students, the population and clientele have changed. Our students are wonderful but, in spite of all our efforts, there are some students falling through the cracks.

Our challenge is to build off the traditions that make us uniquely Vista High School while reimagining the philosophical and pedagogical shifts required to ensure that we not only meet the needs of every student that enters our school but to help them leave Vista High as inspired leaders prepared to solve any real-world challenge with an open and empathetic perspective.

To achieve this vision, we will ensure that we create an educational experience that is:

  • Personalized
  • Social
  • Challenging

Ethical Change Agents

We want our students to become ethical change agents who can identify challenges, make sense of what needs to be accomplished, develop possibilities to solve the challenge, and act to improve their home, school, as well as local and global communities. We want our students to engage in a safe and accepting culture that encourage collaboration and risk-taking. We want our students to engage in learning which is intertwined with their strengths, interests, passions and ideas.

Beginning With The PLA

This work began during the 2015-16 school year through the creation of a “school within a school” pilot called our Personalized Learning Academy. A team of 8 teachers and one head counselor working with 165 juniors were tasked with creating the first version of building a learning environment in which students “did school differently.”

No More Teaching To The Middle

Our goal is to spread this vision school wide. We are tired of seeing students fall through the cracks, tired of “teaching to the middle.” This year’s journey began with the announcement that VHS won a $10 million award from the XQ Super School Project, and a commitment by district & school site leaders to plan for the achievement of this goal.