Our 3rd community focus group meeting focused on Transformational Change. This was a bit of a departure from previous meetings that addressed specific aspects of that change – change to our learning spaces, change to the way we go about teaching and learning. Meeting number three was about change itself. Because the truth is, even small changes to the way we behave can be difficult, and this is no small change. So it was important, we thought, to acknowledge that difficulty.

As always, we started with a recap of our XQ-related activities over the last month or so. They include…

  • We’ve held 2 (now 3) successful community focus group meetings, each producing truly valuable feedback.
  • We’ve completed the requisite paperwork and submitted it to the XQ folks – boring, but necessary parts of the process.
  • Loads of action research (experimentation) in classrooms all over VHS as we try to move from theory to practice as it concerns personalized learning.
  • We had the XQ Bus Tour event on campus – a day of celebration for our students, our staff and our community.
  • We sent 2 students and 1 teacher to Washington, DC to meet with the US Secretary of Education to talk about revolutionizing public education.

A busy month.


After this recap, Matt Stuckey walked us through the different components of transformational change.

  • Mindset Change
  • Conditions for Change
  • Stages of Change

We watched a great video that clearly spells out the need for change, and a vision for what that change can look like.

Principal Barela discussed the importance of focusing on transformational change over operational change in order to ensure that the change we create is sustainable. He reviewed Vista High School’s definition of personalized learning, and unveiled our Wildly Important Goal – a way to set the bar high and help us focus on the real goal of this transformation – helping to ensure the success of every VHS student, regardless of where their path takes them after graduation…

Vista High, a global learning environment, will achieve 100% graduation and 100% placement in career and/or institution of higher education by 2021.


We finished the night with a collaborative activity in which audience members engaged in an effort to design an infographic to depict what VHS will look like after we’ve achieved this transformation. A way to embody the spirit of what we’re trying to create here at VHS, and communicate the key components of our truly Super School. Pictures of their efforts can be seen here, and we’ll take these ideas to develop the visual that will, ultimately, represent all that we’re trying to accomplish through this transformation.

As always, along the way we got feedback from the group and will continue to use this feedback to refine and improve the work we’re doing as we build for next year and beyond.

Focus Group Presentation

The slide presentation for this meeting has loads of useful information, including links to key information, pictures, etc. Please take a moment to scroll through it and, if you have any questions or need clarification about anything, please reach out, we’re happy to help.

Community Feedback

Throughout the meeting, we requested feedback from the group using an anonymous polling tool. If you’re interested to read through it, the results of that feedback are below.

If you’d like to see this feedback in a larger window, please click here

Video from the Meeting

And, if you were unable to attend the meeting, we do live stream them on Youtube, and of course, we record those live streams as well. The video from that meeting is embedded here, and you can also find it on Youtube directly.