Our 5th community focus group meeting focused on Student Agency again – student presenters went into more depth around this important issue and how they experience it in the classroom.

We followed the typical focus group format, starting with a recap of what we’ve been up to since the last meeting, as well as a quick glimpse of what we’re currently working on. We were also introduced to our new External Director for the XQ Award, Kim Richards. She’ll be working closely with the team in a number of key areas.


A quick review of past meetings reminded us the topics we’ve explored to this point…

  • Creative learning spaces
  • VHS’s definition of Personal Learning
  • Personal Learning in action at VHS
  • Student Agency, as experienced by students

Using PL as our learning engine, we’ve also had our audience at a number of focus groups engage in activities to help us work through some of the challenges we currently face, including…

  • Designing creative learning spaces for our classrooms
  • New logo design

Student Agency, Take 2:

In the final segment of the meeting, students once again took control of this meeting and led the audience through an activity to familiarize them with how students are empowered to co-create and share their learning experiences in a personal learning classroom. Specifically, they taught attendees about using a blog as a tool to both demonstrate their learning as well as communicate and connect with others.

And, as is typical in these meetings, they then asked the audience to engage in an activity to apply what they were learning. We all created our own blogs and wrote a quick post about something we’re passionate about. Then we shared out the links to these blogs and began to connect in those spaces. It was a quick lesson, given our time constraints, but the goal is always to show the student experience, and then allow everyone there the chance to feel that experience, at least briefly.

Naturally, along the way we got feedback from the group and will continue to use this feedback to refine and improve the work we’re doing as we build for next year and beyond.

Focus Group Presentation

The slide presentation for this meeting has loads of useful information, including links to the teacher presentations. Please take a moment to scroll through it and, if you have any questions or need clarification about anything, please reach out, we’re happy to help.

Community Feedback

Throughout the meeting, we requested feedback from the group using an anonymous polling tool. If you’re interested to read through it, the results of that feedback are here.

If you’d like to see this feedback in a larger window, please click here

Video from the Meeting

And, if you were unable to attend the meeting, we do live stream them on Youtube, and of course, we record those live streams as well. The video from that meeting is embedded here, and you can also find it on Youtube directly.