Audience Design Ideas

In our 3rd community focus group, we tasked the audience – teachers, parents, students and other community members – with creating an infographic that would represent Vista High School after we successfully transition into an XQ Super School.

Key concepts to convey…Through personalized learning, and a focus on strengths, interests and values, we are transforming the way school is done. And in the process, developing young people who have the capacity, and the inclination to make an impact on local as well as global issues.

We didn’t give them much time – 20 minutes – but despite that limitation, we got some truly great ideas that will absolutely serve as the foundation for this important visual.

If you’re reading this and you’d like to take a swing at this, please do, and send it our way. If you draw it, snap a quick pic if your finished product and email it to us. If it’s a digital graphic, please send over a link or a pdf or whatever format you have it in. We’d love your input, especially if you’ve got some graphic design skills.